DOS.FAIL | THE CRYSTAL HEAVEN LOUNGE // Das Fundament | Trailer (EN) PAF 2022 Berlin

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a playable simulation - IRL and on the WorldWideWeb.
Performing Arts Festival
25.- 28.05.2022
Panke Club + Gallery, Berlin (Wedding)

In a near future where you are permanently connected with all of your friends, where you can walk safely through any street at night, and in which your greatest happiness is to be able to consume anything at any time, the most important good is your data.

Through quantum computing and Biometric Mass Surveillance, each word you say and each step you take is written into your profile. As long as you have nothing to hide, there is no reason to distrust the system, is there? But what if you don't match the system? Where will you go? Even the darkest corners have eyes and encrypted data is yet forbidden. It seems like there is no place for you in this world.

But you have heard a rumor! The Raw Diamond Grindery is the headquarters of a recruitment company, located in an old factory building. Behind this façade you will find the Crystal Heaven Lounge. This Court of Miracles is your sanctuary from the mundane. This is where all your dreams come true. Guard its secret!

The nightly escape to the Crystal Heaven Lounge is not enough for you? What are you waiting for! You can only achieve ultimate freedom and detachment from the system by moving into the Fundament. This is the secret living space under the roof of the Crystal Heaven Lounge run by its residents. In the Fundament they share their ideas with like-minded people and make connection to the outer-world in so-called cam shows. They were ready to leave their old lives forever. Are you too?


How to play? How does it work?

Roleplay meets immersive theater - As part of the Performing Arts Festival 2022, the Panke Club & Gallery in Berlin Wedding becomes the venue for a playable live simulation. With the help of our character generator, the players create their own character. With this character they take part in the game, interact independently with other players, and influence the world of the game. The performance itself consists of a hybrid online-offline format. Participants can choose between three modes:


Up to 4 beings from all over the world can participate in the online format. In an 1-hour video call, the so-called cam-shows, the participants interact with the residents and possibly also visitors of the Fundament. This enables them to gain insight into the residents's lives and learn what it means for them to be free.


Offline in the Fundament, up to 5 participants can take part in the daily lives of residents for 3 hours, find out why they became dropouts, or accompany them to their cam-shows.


In the third game mode, up to 30 participants can immerse themselves offline in the exciting nightlife of the Crystal Heaven Lounge for 2 hours, explore how others live out their freedom, and find out what freedom means to them.


Ticketing has started. Choose your prefered format and get your ticket now!

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Day Date Duration (UTC +2)
WED 22-05-25 2pm - 4pm
WED 22-05-25 6pm - 8pm
THU 22-05-26 2pm - 4pm
THU 22-05-26 6pm - 8pm
FRI 22-05-27 2pm - 4pm
FRI 22-05-27 6pm - 8pm
SAT 22-05-28 2pm - 4pm
SAT 22-05-28 6pm - 8pm

sold out

Day Date Duration (UTC +2)
WED 22-05-25 4pm - 8pm
THU 22-05-26 4pm - 8pm
FRI 22-05-27 4pm - 8pm
SAT 22-05-28 4pm - 8pm

sold out

Day Date Duration (UTC +2)
WED 22-05-25 8pm - 11pm
THU 22-05-26 8pm - 11pm
FRI 22-05-27 8pm - 11pm
SAT 22-05-28 8pm - 11pm

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about, shortened to DOS.FAIL is a framework and an association of different agents from a multitude of diverse backgrounds who united for the common purpose of creating eventful and adventurous art.

Acting critical, diverse, transparent and genuine are the criteria by which we attempt to realize projects of a playful and vibrant character.

THE CRYSTAL HEAVEN LOUNGE // Das Fundament assembles expertise of the diverse fields of theater, participatory arts, cultural management, creative coding, live action role playing, set design, lighting design & engineering, acting and game design.

THE CRYSTAL HEAVEN LOUNGE // Das Fundament uses the new platform NEXUS which DOS.FAIL opened in the summer of 2021 and has since provided a safer base for immersive art, both for our work as well as other group's projects.



What am I going to experience in THE CRYSTAL HEAVEN LOUNGE // Das Fundament?

A live simulation, playable both offline and online. When you buy your ticket you'll create a character. The game is accompanied by a preparation workshop and a debriefing. The game itself is creative and immersive, so there is plenty of room to find your type of freedom. The game is usually not interrupted and can therefore be physically and psychologically intense. To make the game a safe space for all, no alcohol or other drugs may be consumed during the game. Offline and online players are reminded that recording is not permitted for the protection of all participants.

Do I need to have previous experience? Do I need to be able to act?

No and no. The game is designed so that experienced players as well as beginners will be able to enjoy their collaborative stories.

What happens with my data and the camera recordings? Do I end up on the internet?

All data which is produced and processed within our games (including image-data and sound-data) is only temporarily stored under the demands of data minimisation. This data is solely used to run our games. Offline and online players are instructed that any form of recording is prohibited to honour the personal rights of all our participants. All participants have to agree to a document in accordance to those needs before they can buy a ticket.

Who can register?

Any being worldwide over the age of 18. Most areas of the venue are accessible at ground level. However, please contact us directly if you have any special needs, questions, or concerns about your participation.

How can I prepare for the experience?

After purchasing the ticket, you can create your own character with the help of our character generator. You should familiarize yourself with your character before you start the game. We will also provide you with some reading material. In the document on our NEXUS Drive you will find everything from gameplay, to outfit, to game system, spiced with flavor text to get you in the mood.

What about Corona?

Please show up about 15 minutes before the start of the game with a negative Covid test result (not older than 24 hours) so that we can start on time. Alternatively, you can bring a rapid test that you will take and show ON-SITE. Please allow extra time in this case. There will be no late entry. We do not provide tests. Other than that, we will abide by the regulations in place at the time of the play.

Safety/Security: will it be dangerous or exhausting?

The game itself does not have to be physically or emotionally demanding. However, as each player acts individually, situations can still arise in which some players do not feel comfortable. Since it's our aim to ensure that everyone has a good experience, we will set up a recovery room inside the game and will also have an awareness team available for conversation and support before, during, and after the play. Onboarding and debriefing workshops will take place to ensure a holistic and inclusive experience.

Is the event accessible?

Most areas of the venue are accessible. Please still feel free to contact us directly if you have any special needs, questions, or concerns regarding your participation.


we love to hear from you

Email: kontakt[at]dos[punkt]fail